Welcome to Brother’s Group

Brothers International is a well established full service Marketing and Distribution Company of just the right size: not too large so that management is closely involved with day to day operations, and big enough to provide the full range of services that our principals expect.

Every new product entrusted to our care is handled just like a new baby-nursed along its initial stages, seen through its teething problems and guided through life’s many pitfalls to a brighter future. And we have the skill, knowhow and resources to create a leader.

Few, if any of our competitors can match our experience, or our rich historical legacy – strong, stable, steadfast. Ever since we opened our doors to business in 1990 we have nurtured our products through distribution and have faithfully served the people of Bangladesh since 1990.

The marketing knowledge and distribution expertise handed down for over the period to us has been strengthened by the introduction of modern concepts complemented by state-of-the-art Management Information Systems for quicker and better decision making and prompt feedback to our principals.

All this was achieved by developing a dedicated team of highly motivated professionals fully aware of today’s supply chain management needs, backed up by significant cash resources.

If you are planning to launch a new product, or even energies an old one, give us a call, or drop in and see it all for yourself.