Managing Director & CEO’s Message

In retrospect, I am overwhelmed to have inherited a fine business entity.


In our organization, we have managed to cultivate a cordial relationship with our clients and business associates, their good opinion about us for the services we provide, are a priceless asset.


Our company has withstood the vagaries of time for exactly 19 years. We proud to say that we are the first company to introduce modern technology in rice industry.


Brothers International got into distribution business by early 1990.


Yesterday, it was a family business. Today, it is the family in business. Tomorrow, it will be the business of the family to ensure that there is a future for both the business and the family. We are proud of our institution. For us, it symbolizes courage, common sense, energy, enterprise, aspiration and hope.


At Brothers International we are committed to providing sales and services of outstanding quality and value that improve the lives of the region’s consumers.


The Company stood by the principle – of meeting its professional obligations and establish a sustainable linkage between its principals and its clients. This conviction has won us the appreciation of our principals and respect and confidence of our clients.


We serve more than 650 customers ranging from processing mill to turn key projects. Each is regarded as a valued customer and 24 hours service is guaranteed for the majority of our customers.


These 19 years gave us different challenges. We are no more competing with few companies rather, we are up against global competition. We will have to create opportunities for this business. The number of our principals and our clients are on increase. Business conditions are becoming more stringent with ISO – 9000 (Quality Consistence) and ISO – 14000 (Environmental compliance).


Our outstanding success in the recent past has been a result of our strong talent base and leading edge processes.


I would like to share my future vision with you. This company will be the leading indenting company in Bangladesh and a leading example of a high performance organization, role model for other corporate ventures in the region.


I commend the untiring efforts of my colleagues who worked throughout the year with absolute commitment and diligence. They are the main drivers behind our success. All of us are proud to be part of the “BI family” and resolve to take the company to ever-greater heights in the years to come.


Despite a challenging global economic and local environment, BI has applied the same standards of quality, attention to service and detail and a singular focus on delivering to our customers – corporate or consumer.


It is this focus, combined with prudent financial management, transparency and our knowledge of market dynamics that continues to drive the company forward.


People are not made of numbers. They are made of hopes and dreams, passions and partnerships, talent and tenacity. We strive to see beyond the numbers and understand what success means to our clients, to deliver what really matters.


Our business results are a testament to the combined decisions, attitudes and determination of our people. We have a commitment to the company which is absolute. This commitment ensured that even in adverse times, we have been able to deliver results that exceed expectations.


The pride we carry in our results is because of the teams. Their efforts, collective and individual, allow us to enter 2020 with a confidence that we will continue to face challenges with the best of our best.


May Allah bless you!


Md. Rezaur Rahman

Managing Director & CEO