Xero Shoes Prio Review 2022 Update Best Affordable Barefoot Shoe?


One thing I found frustrating is the hook and loop closure that works around the heel strap and is the way that the Z strap is opened to insert your foot. You can leave the heel strap set to length and pull it over heel but generally I found it will need tightening. I have men’s 10 which puts about .5 inch in front of my big toe which is my longest toe. Personally I would prefer some other fastening system around the heel that doesn’t rely solely in hook and loop. I used ztrails as camp/crossing shoes in the Sierras last year also instead of tevas and also recommend them at least from my short term use.

If I compare these to my Decon Trackers, there is a big difference in flexibility. In terms of durability, the uppers look fairly durable, so the main area of concern is whether the uppers will still attached the lowers. I’d really like to find a pair of light shoes that is well put together. Attracted by the low cost and the 5mm lugs on a Vibram sole. And the weight doesn’t look too bad for a durable shoe – I guess that feather-light and durable is an unattainable ideal, with current materials at least.

Trail Running with Trekking Poles

While this is a cool feature, I’ll be honest – I haven’t felt a massive difference in my heel stability when compared to my other barefoot shoes. But, then again, my feet are pretty stable and my ankle joints are in good alignment, so perhaps it would assist someone whose feet and ankle joints are less secure. I actually bought my first pair of Xero Shoes back in 2018. Since then, I’ve tried dozens of different kinds of barefoot shoes, as can be seen in the many reviews we have done on them. According to Xero Shoes, their shoes are designed to fit “true to size,” meaning that they should fit the same as your standard shoe size. However, it’s important to note that different shoe styles and materials may fit differently, even within the same brand.

These grooves help make the sole flexible in terms of lateral movements, but not lengthwise, such as with twisting motions. I believe an additional flex groove, forming a cross in the middle of the shoe would provide a good improvement in future iterations of the boot. Like many models from Xero Shoes, the Denver boot uses the popular FeelTrue sole. Xero Shoes’ soles have an excellent 5,000-mile warranty.


In addition, enhance accountancy » accountancy & business growth services Shoes has a 12-month manufacturing warranty for the other materials in the shoe. This sole debuted this sole in Amuri Venture line years ago and it has been a hit for the company. Different toe and foot shapes can make it difficult to wear a shoe based on sizing alone. There are many different shapes for feet, so it is important to find the best shoes based on your foot shape.

It’s worth it though because the soles on these shoes do not slide in water! I have a dangerously slick garage floor, so I “spilled” some water to give them a test and found them very effective. Then I tested them alongside the Zelen sneaker on my kitchen counter with water & oil.

Method 2: Foot Tracing – Least Accurate

These straps are hidden behind purposefully placed strips of TPU along the quarter panels and across the heel sling, which help reinforce common areas of abrasion damage. Another thoughtful design point on the outsole is a slightly stiffer rubber under the big toe and outside heel. These are the areas that — if running with proper form — receive the brunt of impact and thus see the greatest wear and tear. For my wide feet, the toebox is adequate and there is plenty of vertical space as well. This is a component to comfort that some minimalist shoes can miss out on.


The 5.5 mm FeelTrue® rubber sole feels very flexible and has a good ground feel. The shoes seem a bit slippery at first since the sole is so flat and smooth – I literally almost fell when I tried them out – but the feeling goes away after a few steps. The HFS is first-and-foremost a road runner, evidenced by the “tire tread-inspired” outsole. Unique to this shoe is the placement of the directional, v-shaped lugs.

Xero Shoes Prio Pros

Xeros are fairly wide, but not the widest even in Men’s, and if you’re a super-splayer you may not get the best fit here. The toe box is fairly straight, with a slight curve inward at the big toe (not a fan – big toes should not curve inward at all!), and a noticeable slope down the outer toes. It will work well for most, but not those with wide toe splays + an overall wide foot. If your splay is wide on a narrow foot, you have a lot more width to work with.

  • The company’s website advises that the Terraflex runs a little small, and indeed, I found size 12 on the tight side, even though for most other brands I normally wear 11.5.
  • When the Terraflex shoes arrived, I started out by wearing them around town, just to see what they felt like on sidewalks and in the house.
  • This is one model where the strapping completely fits in and looks great.
  • Even though my shoes are not showing signs of wear yet, I don’t imagine I will be hitting high numbers in the HFS.

Steven contacted me shortly after my post and provided excellent customer service. I have been a dedicated consumer and strong supporter of Xero Shoes ever since. I even recommended them in a subsequent edition of my book. If you’ve changed your mind within 45 days of purchase, simply return your items for a full refund or exchange them for a different size.

Questions? Get answers from the Xero Shoes staff and other customers.

If you are still unsure of which size to order, we recommend ordering two sizes to try and keep the size you prefer. They’re also great for water sports and even float! Altra Lone Peak Hiker – Altra isn’t very minimalist when it comes to padding, but they do feature zero drop soles and a wide toe box. If you’re transitioning to barefoot shoes or prefer more cushion, then Altra’s Lone Peak Hikers are a good option. They have a 25mm stack height and a grippy, durable outsole.


For Fall 2020, this shoes is part of their casual lineup, and right out of the gate I love it. The knit material makes them look a bit casual but not too much. They sort of adapt to clothes – they seem more causal when worn with jeans and such, and more elegant when paired with a more dressy outfit. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support our work. Learn how we create the world’s most carefully tested and objective gear reviews on our About page.

The Kid’s Z-Trail Sandal

However, I am not interested in focusing on their advertising or word of mouth. Instead, I want to look at their shoes, which claim to have a smooth, natural fit and feel. I filled a bucket with ice and stepped into it with the boot on. The beauty of the heat-reflective insole is that it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

  • The upper wraps around your foot in a forgiving way, allowing for intricate movements many other shoes restrict.
  • This shoe is heavier than direct competitors in the barefoot category, but significantly lighter weight than almost any conventional shoe on the market.
  • The only downside is that they happen to be Xero’s most expensive training shoes outside of their trail range.
  • One of the promises made by Xero shoes is that they would “conform” to the foot and provide a natural fit, sensation, and motion for everyone who wears them.
  • These are the most stable huaraches I have ever worn.

When you unroll it, the sandal will not snap back to a flat state and remain slightly curved. This obviously wouldn’t affect the performance as it will stay flat when you put it on anyway. Despite that, there is a limit to how much protection you can get with that thin of a sole; you’ll still be able to feel the bumps you step on, but not to the point that it feels uncomfortable. The layer above the outsole is a foam layer they call TrailFoam™. It’s added to provide all the shock absorption and protection you need from a bumpy trail. For a minimalist sandal like this, what you are really paying for is the sole.

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Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Knit FG review live for the outdoors.

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In this https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ Shoes Prio review, I’m going to cover all of the essential details that you need to know about this model before you invest. This is the force exerted in a verticle direction when my foot first contacts the ground. I actually don’t have the 360 myself, I had a guest author review those. These shoes were gifted from Xero Shoes, but this post is not sponsored. It was still cold out when I tested them, but it seems to me like the thick material would feel hot in the summer. I’ll probably wear them most often in spring and fall .